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The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Smart Synthetic Duvet 4 seasons (4.5Tog & 9.0Tog)

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Brought to you by the Fine Bedding Company, this 9.0 + 4.5 Tog-rated combination duvet is the perfect bedding to use all year round. The lower 4.5 Tog can be used in warmer weather while the higher 9.0 Tog can be used in the cooler seasons, and in winter they can be used together for unmatched warmth and comfort.

Additionally, the Breathe duvet is a climate control duvet that utilises clever technology to make it extra special. The duvet blends Smartfil® technology with a special ingredient called Modal, which is derived from natural wood pulp and is exceptionally breathable. Modal helps to wick moisture away from the body, allowing you to sleep in total temperature-controlled comfort and wake up feeling refreshed. This is also very effective for women experiencing Menopause.

By investing in a temperature-regulating duvet, you’ll be investing in a calming and restorative night’s sleep. Pair it with the Breathe Pillow to keep you cool from head to toe.


  • Breathe made in a Certified Eco Factory.
  • 100% of energy comes from renewable sources.
  • 99% of all production waste is recycled.
  • "Smartfill" Microfiber is made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.
  • "Smartfill" is coated in Silicone, this makes it impervious to water so will perform as new after up to 30 washes.
  • Also maintains its Tog rating after washing. Standard Hollowfibre and Microfibre lose 25% of their Tog rating after washing.
  • The Silicone Fibre also allows Breathe to be the only duvet on the market that can be washed at home at 60 degrees, therefore killing dustmites and effectively becoming an Anti Allergy duvet.